Friday, April 21, 2006

Wages in the UK.

There has been a lot of press attention recently about what people earn in the UK starting with radio and television people. So I will add my thoughts on the issue. I understand market forces and the labour market. There is a lot of rubbish put around by employers who in reality only wish to pay as little as they can get away with. They informally fix a local rate for jobs and in lower paid jobs if there is a labour shortage they will run their businesses understaffed rather than put up the pay. However, radio and television employers do not appear to be playing the same game. How can Jonathan Ross be in the bidding for a £15m 3 year contract? Are the radio and television bosses mad? I think the bosses of these media companies are wrong. One employee cannot be worth that much. There are loads of people trying to get into radio and television. Jonathan Ross's talent is not unique, nor is the talent of other radio and television presenters and actors. They are just people doing a day job just like you and me. The viewer or listener will be just as well served and entertained by a lower paid broadcaster. The BBC should stand up to these people, hold the licence payers money back and pay a just wage for the work done rather than lottery money. There is enough new and good talent out there to fill in the gaps of the overpaid big names. Remember how unrepresentative these high earners are when they entertain you in your home or car. Fewer than 4% of people in the UK earn over £52,000 and two-thirds earn less than the average of £28,000. This makes these top earning media people seem even more smug and it annoys me even more when they appear on air so smiley and jolly. Well stick your money, there are other programmes to listen to or watch rather than have your overpaid big egos flaunt your wealth into my life. I feel that the BBC can sack the lot and start again with no loss of quality to the licence payer. Remember just how much work the unnamed production crews do for the big name who is only an overpaid mouthpiece.
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