Monday, June 05, 2006

The London terrorist raid on Friday.

Questions are being asked all over the media about last Friday's terrorist raid in London. What made the Police feel right in breaking into a family's home at 4 o'clock in the morning and then to shoot a resident in the shoulder? Assistant Commissioner Andy Hayman said they got "specific intelligence" about a reported chemical device, but nothing has yet been found in the search. What is the nature of this intelligence? We have not been told but rumours suggest that someone claims to have overheard a conversation.

I have three ideas I would like to share on this tragic tale.

People can have conflicts within a community and someone can create difficulties by reporting residents to the Police. Maybe Mohammed Abdul Kahar or his brother Abul Koyair had upset someone and this was their revenge. Because the Police will do profiling it would be easy for them to believe that their informant's claims were correct. The Police could then put the family under surveiliance and convince themselves that this family were at it and they must strike before they can commit their crime.

Some fringe right wing political movements like to stir up trouble. People are becoming anxious about the risk of terrorism in the run up to the World Cup football championship. These political activists could find some likely looking individuals and then make up some tales of overheard conversations to feed to the Police.

People can have a joke among friends, a humour that only the group can understand. I do it with friends and if strangers overhear our conversation they may think we are a bit odd. Maybe the alleged terrorists were just joking among friends when Mr Helpful Citizen overheard their remarks and reported them to the Police.

I do not think that we will ever be told the full intelligence the Police claim to have - for security and operational reasons. I expect there will be another cover up like there was with the Police Stockwell murder.
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