Monday, June 12, 2006

Three suicides at Guantanamo Bay .

It had to come, I thought it would eventually happen after all the previous incidents of self harm, hunger strikes, forced feeding and failed suicide attempts. Three prisoners at Gunatanamo Bay in Cuba - two Saudis and a Yemeni - killed themselves over the weekend - the first successful suicides at the US prison camp since it opened in 2002 and the latest incident to highlight the fierce controversy over its continued existence.

I feel that these three men were suffering from acute depression, held without trial with seemingly no way out of their little hell hole. On can only imagine the torment they have gone through. The months had rolled into years, it would have been a constant nightmare for them, one that never goes away. They must have believed that they would be held there until the day they died of natural causes with nothing to live for, ever. A whole life sentence, what for? They had not been charged nor was there a trial. I do not believe that they were a threat to society but their human rights were totally ignored. No charges against them, no trial and no future. America is being evil holding these people without charge and I believe they are acting against international law. Having captured these people the Americans have become negligent in their duty of care to their prisoners. America now has these avoidable deaths on their conscience and should be rightly shamed by the rest of the world over this tragedy.

Time will tell but America will probally pay dearly in the future for the deaths of these men who were held without charge or trial.

Shame on America, it was time long ago to close Gunatanamo Bay and now the world must unite to demand the closure of this camp in Cuba.
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