Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Who put the bins out?

I followed this story in my newspaper and thought that the council would be successful in it's prosecution of Donna Challice for putting non-recyclable waste in a green wheelie bin at her home in Exeter, but she was cleared at Cullompton magistrates' court. However, she got off because the council could not prove that she had put some non-recyclable waste into that green wheelie bin. I find it hard to give this woman the benefit of the doubt because of her previous comments to the press and her general attitude. This does however leave all councils within the Uk with a problem because you have to put your rubbish out before 07.00 on the delay of collection and there is nothing to stop anybody from putting anything into your wheelie bin. There will never be any proof who put the contents into a wheelie bin. This gives the lazy an excuse to ignore legislation and the whole community suffers as a result of a minority of people like Donna Challice.

Shame on people with attitudes like her and the many people who litter our streets because they claim they are "finished with that". We all pay for refuse collection and people like her just add to the cost to the whole community.
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