Friday, August 04, 2006

The days roll on and still no peace.

The days roll on and still no peace in the Middle East. Israel is still attacking Lebanon and there is no end in sight. I read the Independent newspaper and watch Sky News on television. The reporting of the ongoing war in Lebanon is first rate but this conflict rolls on and on, longer than the football World Cup. People are becoming weary of the news reports and we are not getting any closer to a ceasefire. I and others in the UK can do nothing but watch the updates on television and read fresh stories in our newspapers. Where are our politicans in all this mess, they are on holiday. They are our elected representatives but parliament is in recess. I think parliament should be recalled and that Tony Blair is out of step with public opinion in the UK. It is only the UK, the US and Isreal who are dragging things out - the rest of the world knows how immoral Israel is acting when it is attacking Lebanon. Why are the UK politicans holding back - is it because the Jewish communties are funding both parties, I think it is. The Americans have always supported Israel, no matter what Israel does. We all know just how powerful the Jewish lobby is in American politics.

The United Nations Security Council should be able to bring about an immediate ceasefire but cannot do so when the UK, US and Israel are playing delaying tactics. I am sure America is doing this so that Israel can have as much time as she wants to crush Lebanon into dust if need be.

When will we see a ceasefire and the world talk common sense, maybe September.
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