Saturday, August 26, 2006

Workers from Eastern Europe.

There has been a lot in the media this week about migrants from Eastern Europe working in the UK so I will add my little bit to the debate.

It is sad what has happened to the labour market in the UK. We now have the highest unemployment levels for the last six years and migrants from Eastern Europe are adding to our unemployment figures. But that is not all, their arrival has led to a reduction in the real value of our wages as employers cash in on the extra supply of cheap labour. Employers just love the reduced rates they can get away with by paying these migrants low wages. This has had a depressing affect on loyal existing British workers who are facing competition from these migrants from Eastern Europe. It is not a level playing field as these migrant workers are not always setting up home in the UK like the British electorate are. Many foreign workers are clubbing together in cheap accomodation to spend the absolute minimum here and to take the maximum money back to their country of origin. They do not have homes and families to pay for in the UK, they can get their cash harvest and bank their money abroad. Why has our government let this happen? It is only the UK and Ireland who have allowed these East Europeans free access to their labour markets, other countries have not allowed these vast numbers of migrants to work.

British workers have been stabbed in the back on three sides. Our government, who we elected to represent us, have opened our borders to foreign workers leading to increased unemployment. Employers have rubbed their hands with glee at this unfair competition and reduced wage rates and rises. East Europeans have taken the jobs of people who would love to work but cannot compete with them on a level playing field.

The people who say it is a good thing that our country has attracted Eastern Europeans to work here, will not be so cocky when their jobs are taken away by lower paid workers from overseas.

In my own job we had a disgraceful 19p per hour pay rise this year. That is market forces for you, employers love it but they do not have to pay their employees bills. We have been sold down the river by our government and our employers. Shame on employers in our country who are taking on Eastern Europeans. I am absolutely disgusted with those employers who are actively recruiting workers from Eastern Europe, some are even traveling to Poland to recruit workers they could have hired at home.
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