Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The death of Vibe.

The regular radio station that I listened to as I drove my car to and from work was Vibe which broadcast on the frequency of 101 FM. The station broadcasted as normal as I went to work on Sunday 3rd September 2006 but on Monday 4th September 2006 there was no Vibe station to be heard on that frequency. Instead on the 101 FM frequency were test transmissions for Kiss , a radio station that was to go live at 07.00 on Wednesday 6th September 2006.

Looking at the Vibe website for an explanation my browser redirected me to the Kiss website. You can click on the 101 West Listen Live link which brings you to Radio Player Site which declares that it used to be called Vibe 101.

Well I have listened to the new Kiss radio station for 2 whole weeks now and my verdict is "sorry guys but you have lost a listener for good. I have now switched my car radio to Red Dragon which is far better for me than what is on offer from Kiss."

I used to like Vibe because it was fresh, the music was new and the DJ banter was professional, witty and made the listener feel part of the community here in South Wales. This Kiss radio station plays different music with a lot of hip hop and gangster rap. The Kiss DJ's talk very amateurish, "Yap, Yap" as though they live in a black ghetto in America. The listener does not feel part of a community and the world of Kiss seems very far away.

The music on offer at Red Dragon is mainstream and ranges from 1980 to now. The banter of the DJ's is lively and the whole feel of the radio station is cosy. You feel as though you are listening to friends in the local pub.
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