Monday, October 02, 2006

The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations.

Today in my newspaper Yasmin Alibhai-Brown writes that...

The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations now make it illegal for employers to directly discriminate against people for reasons of age, and outlaw procedures that could indirectly exclude from a workplace people of particular ages.

I agree with her views expressed in her article, she is right - I could have written a similar article myself. Leglislation against age discrimination in the UK was a long time in coming and the usual suspects all came forward to try and stop it. It is a serious issue and affects an awful lot of people, blighted to a life of poverty due to the prejudices held amongst employers. Thankfully legislation and common sense has prevailed and this law has come into force.

However, this does not affect peoples' prejudices of age when dealing one to one in a personal environment. Outside of employment people can and will discriminate because of age. Yasmin illustrates this very bravely when she writes...

Recently I bumped into an infamous Tory lothario at the BBC Daily Politics studio. I teasingly asked him why he had never attempted to seduce me - an attractive, sensual woman. I am in truth a committed monogamist but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be invited to be naughty.

He was outraged, more I think by my age than my gall.

Well said girl, age should never be a barrier to being naughty! I am also a committed monogamist but it is very nice to be asked to be naughty and have the offer to stray away from home.
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