Friday, October 06, 2006

Jack Straw and women wearing veils .

Jack Straw has caused a storm in the media over his comments that were published in his local newspaper in Blackburn. He puts his views across very well but they are a vote loser. He complains about Muslim women speaking to him whilst wearing a veil when he likes to see the full face of the person he is having a conversation with. I understand his views but feel he is wrong to ask women wearing a veil to remove the veil whilst talking to him. OK he is losing the non-verbal language that the veil is hiding but at least he is speaking to one of his constituents. The content of the constituents speach is important not the non-verbal nuances. Remember Jack, do not judge people by appearances - listen to what they have to say. I am not bothered by how women dress in this country and feel it is the womens' decision and no-one elses'. If a woman stopped me in the street it would not matter to me how she was dressed, western or Arabic, hair free, headscarf or veil - I would treat them with the same respect. They also should not be bothered by how I dress or whether I shave my face. Live and let live Jack, life is too short to worry about a dress code when having a chat with strangers.
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