Sunday, December 31, 2006

The hanging of Saddam Hussein.

Yesterday in Baghdad saw the hanging of Saddam Hussein. The full story was available in my newspaper and I just wonder how bad mans' inhumanity to man has become. Searching on the intenet reveals a mobile phone video of the actual hanging that shows just how vulgar this piece of history was.

I think the hanging was wrong, Saddam was 69 years of age and the chances of him coming out of custody and re-offending were zero. He did not physically kill the 148 Shia at Dujail in 1982 but was held responsible. Other men did the actual killing in the same way that other men have done the killing of civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq following the orders of George W Bush and Tony Blair. We will not see these 2 democratically elected leaders hanging from the gallows.

What nasty and unnecessary way to end 2006, a dramatic failure of justice that cannot be undone.
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