Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"It's what I do".

What a surprise to go back to work and read my daily newspaper on my rest break and to read this very amusing story ...

The Bishop of Southwark is facing a battle to keep his job after he was apparently found in a tired and emotional state in the back of a stranger's car after a Christmas party.

The bishop reportedly staggered home from a function at the Irish embassy on Tuesday night, climbed into the back of a stranger's Mercedes, and started throwing an infant's toys out of the vehicle.

The Mercedes' alarm went off outside the Suchard bar near Southwark Cathedral. Nicola Sumpter, who owns the car, said: "My boyfriend and his pal raced outside and were stunned to see a grey-haired man in the back seat. He was throwing my one-year-old son's toys everywhere.

"He wouldn't get out so they could pull him away. He couldn't stand up straight and fell over, banging his head."Asked to explain himself, he is claimed to have said: "I'm the Bishop of Southwark. It's what I do." He sat and then lay on the pavement for several minutes while an onlooker dialled 999, but the bishop declined medical attention and an ambulance was cancelled. Then he got up and staggered away. The next day his office called the police to report the loss of property, which was reported in some newspapers as a mugging.

Ms Sumpter said she found a bag with the bishop's possessions in the car.

Oh, this really makes me laugh. What a hoot that party must have been at the Irish Embassy! It goes to show that underneath all the

robes and title, this bloke is just as human as the rest of us. Let's party with the Bishop for it is the season of goodwill and one that is

not only celebrated by worshipping Christians.
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