Friday, January 19, 2007

A good advertisment.

The India Tourism Office placed a full page advertisment in my newspaper today. It was an open letter to Jade Goody inviting her to visit India. The advertisment was expertly written with subtle humour which invited both Jade and the newspaper reader to visit India. The whole tone of this advertisment was one of welcome, love, trust and tolerance. It made me think about having a holiday in India myself. The best part of the advert speaks for itself...

Being one of the world's oldest civilisations, our land is one where the ancient and the modern co-exist and a multitude of religions live in harmony. We have a modern thriving culture and offer an amazing wealth of sights and sounds, tastes and textures making our country a place like no other.

...that is simply holding out the hand of friendship to the people of the UK.

I have voted to evict Jade in the poll tonight on television. I hope that Shilpa wins this contest, she deserves to win as she has done her level best to be civil, unlike Jade and the other bitches.
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