Sunday, January 21, 2007

Unlicensed vehicles on the public highway.

Have you ever been annoyed at vehicles parked on the road without a valid tax disc? Does this over time begin to piss you off a little? Do you think something should be done about it?

I used to pass a car just like that, it was parked on the road without a valid tax disc for over 3 months. Enough is enough I thought and I reported it on the evening of Monday 8th January 2007 using this form to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. I wondered if anything would be done as there are lots of untaxed vehicles on the roads and the agency has the whole country to cover. When I was coming home last night I noticed that this unlicensed car had been moved off the road and onto the owner's driveway. What a result and in less than 14 days. This car had not moved for over 3 months but suddenly it had. Marvellous work and I feel a lot better now.
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