Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Asking the question.

Many companies here in the UK want their customers to complete a questionaire with the aim of getting the customer to identify any problems with the product or service that company provides. Most questions strictly relate to the product or service offered but some questions are simply irrelevant and an invasion of privacy. One particular Customer Service Questionaire that I have come across, from a company providing a nationwide service, has the following questions that do not relate to the company's product or service.

Are you? Married/living with partner OR single
Date of birth
Where do you live? Own home, Student accomodation, Renting, With parents
How long have you lived there?
What are your interests and hobbies:
Charities/Voluntary work,
Health foods,
Home computing,
Do you have access to the internet at home? No, Yes (Dial-up), Yes (Broadband).
Which newspaper(s) do you read? Daily, Sunday.

This questionaire is obnoxious and has the tagline on the front of...

Everyone is unique... tell us what you think

Well, I think you are a nosey bunch of people who wish to stereotype your customers into clearly defined demographic groups and then market this information to other companies. The questions above have nothing to do with your product or service and are taking the public for box ticking mugs. This questionaire is a blatant invasion of the customer's privacy and I think that any customer who fills out this whole questionaire fully and honestly, is a fool. The unthinking customer would have supplied their name and address together with their telephone number and email address. Why not go the whole hogg and put your photograph and DNA sample on this questionaire as well? Big Brother knows best which is why your questionaire will also be automatically entered into a prize draw to win some vouchers.
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