Monday, February 12, 2007

Fairies at the bottom of the garden.

In the newspaper today is the story that Jonathan Edwards will no longer be presenting Songs of Praise as he had lost his faith in God...

Jonathan Edwards, the Olympic triple jump champion and renowned Christian, refused to talk yesterday amid reports that he was questioning his faith and that his marriage was in trouble.

According to his official biographer in an article in a Sunday newspaper, Edwards, who became a broadcaster after retiring from athletics in 2003, has quit as a presenter of the BBC's Songs of Praise because he is no longer convinced of the existence of God.

To be at the centre of such a controversy is new territory for Edwards, whose transition from athlete to broadcaster has been seamless. An extremely wealthy man, Edwards was born the son of a vicar in Devon and once admitted that he was six years old when he first prayed "to accept Jesus into my heart". It was his father, the Rev Andy Edwards, who encouraged him to play sport.

...It is nice to read that Jonathan at the age of 40 has discovered that contrary to what he has been told over the years, there are no fairies at the bottom of the garden. It was nice that his father, a vicar in Devon encouraged him to take up professional sport rather than follow his dad into telling fairy stories. I understand just how easy it was for Jonathan to follow the faith, go to church as a social thing with his wife and become a presenter on Songs of Praise. It is so easy not to think for yourself and drift along with the consenus of public opinion and received wisdom. Thankfully the penny has dropped with Jonathan that there are no fairies at the bottom of the garden.

What amazes me is just how many grown adults who have not been brought up in an overtly religious family suddenly convert to a mainstream religion. Islam has gained many new converts and how the new believers can get rapped up in such fantasy is beyond me. I think these converts to mainstream religions have not thought things through and are simply clutching at straws. They must believe that there is safety in numbers and that so many people through the ages cannot be wrong. The trust they place in alleged sacred texts is legendary and that followers of other mainstream religions have it wrong because their chosen religion is the only truth.

Oh yes, there are fairies at the bottom of the garden, a tooth fairy, a Father Christmas and Iraq had weapons of mass destruction that it could launch in 45 minutes because our respected leaders of all sorts have told us so.

Thank goodness some people, now including Jonathan, can think for themselves rather than believe the hogwash put about by the establishment.
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