Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What is it with mobile phones?

Yesterday here in the UK there was a change in legislation regarding the illegal use of hand held mobile phones whilst driving. This change in legislation and conversations with my work colleagues made me wonder just what it is with mobile phones.

People seem obsessed with mobile phones. They panic if they cannot contact someone straight away. Yet these conversations are often inane, the world would not stop if they did not have that conversation. The most popular conversation between mobile phone users is "where are you now?" and "ring me when you get there". Can these people not function on their own? Must all their movements be accounted for, is there any freedoms allowed today?

I stand away from the majority of people. A mobile phone is a tool to communicate with, a tool that I can use rather than the mobile phone controlling me. People jump when their phone rings, their lives ruled by a mobile phone. They drop everything they are doing to obey their phone. These people are not living a full life for they are slaves to their mobile phones. They allow this continual intrusion into their lives and think it is odd that people like me will not be ruled by a mobile phone and their obsession with being contactable.

Get a life, not a phone.
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