Sunday, March 25, 2007

Calling time on second hand smoke.

I went out with my wife and friends last night in Cardiff. None of us are smokers but like everyone we have to accept second hand smoke in enclosed public places. It puts me off going out for a drink having to put up with second hand smoke but not for much longer. There are now only 8 days to go before smoking in enclosed public places throughout Wales is banned on 2nd April 2007 . This legislation brings us into line with the legal situation in Scotland and ahead of England when it will be banned on the 1st July 2007.

This is very welcome legislation and has been a long time in coming. There have been complaints about the new laws but time will tell and it has worked very well in other countries. I welcome the new laws as it is one of my pet hates whereby a selfish few, all of them smokers, can make an evening miserable by their anti-social arrogance. I looked around the club last night and thought good riddance to those dreadful smokers for their time is running out. No more will our clothes stink of cigarette smoke when we go home, no more will we have to move seats in a pub or simply abort mission.

The public have put up with this nuisance of smoking in enclosed public places for too long, I wish the laws had been changed years ago. Why England is the last region to adopt smoking bans is beyond me and thanks should go to our Welsh Assembly for bringing in the new laws quicker than our neighbours across the bridge.
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