Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dressing for the part?

People normally dress for the part they are playing but not always. Sometimes people dress differently from the role they are playing in society.

Israel has recalled its ambassador to El Salvador after police found him drunk, naked and tied up with sex bondage paraphernalia in the garden of his residence.

The envoy, Tsuriel Raphael, identified himself to police after a rubber ball was taken out of his mouth, according to Israeli media reports. An Israeli Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Zehavit Ben-Hillel, said he was removed from his post because of "behaviour that is unbecoming of a diplomat", and not because his activities were unlawful.

So, big deal, why sack the guy because of his leisuretime activities? It makes a lovely newspaper story but is not a threat to international relations. It just shows this guy is human and can have fun and party like the best of us! It puts a very different image of Isreal in the media that the usual whinging they achieve.

Another example of this not dressing the part is rioters. You normally expect rioters to dress rather scruffy and to look rough but not in Pakistan . Lawyers in Pakistan fought riot police and burnt pictures of President Pervez Musharraf yesterday as a row over his attempts to have the country's most senior judge sacked threatened to run out of control.

Several lawyers were seen bleeding from the head after police charged them during clashes in Lahore. Dressed in business suits, the lawyers tried to stage a march outside the High Court building, only to be attacked by baton-wielding police. Some of the lawyers responded by throwing stones at police. At least 25 people were injured, including 10 police officers.

The pictures in my newspaper showed smartly dressed men wearing suits and ties throwing stones and fighting with police, not the usual rent a mob of men dressed in charity shop clothes.

All this goes to show that you should never judge from appearances.
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