Friday, March 30, 2007

Hairy women.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Fuck Off, I'm a hairy woman on BBC Three last night. It was presented by Shazia Mirza a comedian who I enjoy performing. It concerned the issue of female body hair and made for a very interesting programme although my wife found it a little uncomfortable.

Shazia made a case for women not to remove their body hair and to simply let it grow. Her programme was refreshing yet balanced. It posed the obvious question, why bother? She challenged the cost and time involved in female body hair removal and the attitudes to body hair from men and women.

At the end of the programme I was given the feeling that women who allow their body hair to grow enjoy a freedom and confidence in their looks and sexuality. It was good that Shazia was able to encourage so many women to stand up and be counted.

I do not bother with daily shaving, I just cannot see the point of trying to turn back the tide. This is why my face has a beard, it is not a fashion statement, I just cannot see the point in daily shaving. I therefore cannot see the point in women going to great lengths to remove their body hair.

Not many women today are comfortable in showing their body hair. The minority who do, are refreshingly different and confident in themselves. To watch a programme like this was a bit of a turn on for me because watching the girls on the catwalk at the end of this programme looked so sexy and fit. These women looked real and ready for action, the male viewer would feel the models would give them a good time.

Well done Shazia Mirza for brightening up my evening's television viewing.
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