Tuesday, April 03, 2007

3 years and still no change.

3 years have gone by today and still no change. Jayme Parsons of Port Talbot still treats his mother like a second class citizen. He does not give her any Christmas or Birthday presents yet regularly gives her a load of crap over the telephone. This wanker will not speak to me on the telephone and simply slams it down when I answer it. He will not allow me to take his mother to their sink estate home in Port Talbot to see her grandchildren. He will not let time heal previous disagreements and move on. He is such an arsehole that I wash my hands of him totally and I will not piss on him if he is on fire. If anything ever happens to him and he needs to come home to his mother then he will not get access into my home.

He has burnt his bridges which was his choice but you cannot expect anymore as the kid is as thick as shit.

If his mother dies before me, then he will not get a penny from me when I die.

His brother by comparision is a different kettle of fish, a fine and decent young man. This probally explains why Christopher will have nothing to do with him either.
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