Sunday, April 22, 2007

European Union's Racism and Xenophobia Directive.

On Friday I read about the EU Racism and Xenophobia Directive and I would like to give my input. I agree with the stance taken by Chris Mounsey, the 29 year old behind The Devil's Kitchen blog when he wrote on 19th April 2007 about this directive .

We must stand up against this restriction on our blogging. If any reader does not like what we have written on our blogs then they should close their browser window and read something else. Reading a blog should be no different to television viewing, if you do not like the content of a programme then switch to another channel. We do not have many freedoms in this country and we are losing more and more freedoms every year. We must not lose our freedom of speech and uphold our rights to free expression on the internet. If we do not stand up to this then the next thing they could bring in against us could be the thought police.

We must not become dumb citizens.
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