Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The great television competition phone call scandal.

The great television competition phone call scandal continues to roll on here in the UK. Another story today in my newspaper relates to the ditching by GMTV of its contract with Opera Interactive Technology, the company which runs its phone-in competitions, after a BBC investigation claimed that callers had been cheated out of millions of pounds.

I agree that members of the public have been cheated by the underhand operation of these competitions. What these companies have done is wrong, morally wrong in anybody's book.

I cannot understand why so many viewers have been conned. Surely these people must know they have an extremely low chance of winning any prize and the cost of a phone call is an expensive gamble. These people should realize that however these alleged competitions are operated they are simply a gamble, nothing more than a telephone raffle. I find it hard to sympathize with these viewers who have lost money because they are so naive. It should be obvious that these alleged competitions are great money spinners, it is easy to do the maths. Even if only one in ten viewers makes a telephone call, they are raking the money in. How can people be so dim, is it greed and wanting something for nothing? I am sure it is and these people should realize that there is no such thing as a free lunch and income is earned from work not a telephone raffle.
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