Thursday, April 26, 2007

Keep your fantasies off BBC Radio 1 .

BBC Radio 1 provides a great service to listeners here in the UK. It offers a superb mix of contemporary popular music with relevant chat and interviews. It is ideal for the young and young at heart. I like it because it is fresh, jolly and refreshing, with no advertisements that blight commercial radio stations. I feel the station has the balance right and serves the listener well. The output of the station is very professional, well respected and a credit to the BBC.

I was shocked today to read that it's remit is under threat ...

The BBC has been urged to make religion part of the Radio 1 remit in a submission by Catholic and Anglican church leaders.

They claim that Radio 1's young target audience has a "thirst for spiritual input" that is greater than in older age-groups. "Unless religion is appropriately included in the Radio 1 licence, audience needs may not be met," they said.

...I disagree with this submission very strongly. I feel that the listeners needs are fully met, there are numerous radio stations here in the UK and competition to retain listeners is fierce. All radio stations offer free output to the listener and choice is very good. Adding religion into the output of BBC Radio 1 would be wrong, it would be a huge turn off for the listeners who would abandon this excellent radio station for another station that is religion free. If these churches want to spread their vision through music then they should apply for a radio licence and set up their own broadcasting station. If their message is so wonderful and inspiring then listeners would tune into their music with religion station.

It should be a free market where the listener can choose, so the church should keep away from BBC Radio 1. I do not want their religious fairy tales spoiling a very good radio station. I know the church has problems recruiting believers to their fantasy beliefs but if they want to get media bandwidth they should have to pay for it like any other single issue group.
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