Monday, April 23, 2007

The new fridge freezer .

On Saturday our fridge freezer packed up, we had it from new over 7 years ago. It would not be worth getting it repaired so we bought a new fridge freezer. This new appliance is a Hotpoint RFA52 and is almost identical to our old fridge freezer, maybe the cabinet is a shade narrower. We bought if from Curry's for £199 which is a fair price to pay for a grudge purchase.

Gail telephoned Cardiff Council to arrange for the collection and disposal of our old fridge freezer. On the council website it encouragely say's...

Bulky household waste

Too large... Too heavy... Too much...

We can provide a collection and disposal service for large, awkward and bulky items of household waste. We will collect fridges and

freezers, general household furniture items and bulky green waste. We are here to help you dispose of your waste in a responsible


Items that can be collected free of charge

* beds
* settees
* wardrobes
* cooker
* fridge
* washing machine
* light fittings

...We have a weekly collection of a black wheelie bin for general, non recycleable or compostable waste and a fortnightly collection of green bags of recycleable items or a green wheelie bin for compostable waste. We thought that our council would suggest collection of our old fridge freezer within 14 days. Wrong, the earliest collection they could offer us was 13th June 2007, that is 7 weeks away! I just cannot understand this delay of 7 weeks, we live in a busy city - not in the sticks.

I am all for not wasting money but you would imagine that a large and successful busy city would have rostered household bulky item collection routes. The funniest thing is that the telephone operator told Gail that we must ensure that the fridge freezer is fully defrosted upon collection. Two things here, one we would not have bought a new fridge freezer if the old one was still working and two, any fridge freezer will defrost if left outside for 7 weeks.

I just hope the council do not extend it's services into budget funerals, wait and collect.
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