Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sadriyah market, Baghdad.

In my workplace people moan and whinge about everything. Thursday was no different for me, people were still in their little secure worlds as I was confronted with the front page picture in my newspaper of the horror that had happened at Sadriyah market in Baghdad. I too was going to a market that day, to park my coach whilst I was having a rest break in London's New Covent Garden Market. This is also a busy working market but we in the UK are safe and do not have to witness and survive the horrors of Sadriyah market in Baghdad...

Billowing clouds of oily black smoke rose into the sky over the Iraqi capital after four bombs tore through crowded markets and streets leaving the ground covered in charred bodies and severed limbs. "I saw dozens of dead bodies," said a witness in Sadriyah, a mixed Shia-Kurdish neighbourhood in west Baghdad where 140 people died and 150 were injured. " Some people were burned alive inside minibuses. Nobody could reach them after the explosion. There were pieces of flesh all over the place. Women were screaming and shouting for their loved ones who died."

...That gives me a shiver, burned alive in a bus and some people whinge about this and that with their cherished league tables. Some people just make me sick with their petty concerns and lack of perspective.
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