Saturday, April 14, 2007

What is it with beards?

I have a beard, it is not a problem, it just grows. My beard grows until I trim it, sometimes it grows longer before I trim it back. The past week my wife has been nagging at me every day for me to trim my beard. Why, I am happy with my beard and I will trim it when I am ready. Also in the past week 2 workmates have had a feel and a tug of my beard and claimed it was getting rather big. Another workmate this morning wished me hello by calling my name but stating that he thought it was John the Baptist rather than me.

It is my beard, it just grows and I just do not know why people are so bothered by it.

This afternoon was rather warm and to stop my wife from nagging I reluctantly trimmed my beard. Gosh, I got a shock with the wind whistling around my cheeks. I felt quite naked going outside into the street.

Next time I feel like ignoring everybody else, not entering into any discussion about the length of my beard, resist the constant nagging from my wife and trim my beard when I want to trim it.

I do not tell other people when they should get their hair cut so they should leave my face alone. My beard will never hurt them and I do not care if it makes me look a little older. I do not feel any different or younger with my beard trimmed short, I feel the same everyday. Whenever I do trim my beard I always get a shock with the draught on my cheeks for the first day after trimming!
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