Thursday, May 24, 2007

Technorati .

There are many ways to navigate around the blogosphere and many free tools available. I look at other people's blogs and wonder if I can improve mine. I wondered if people have linked to my blog and noticed that Technorati provide a service where you can see who does link to your blog. So I have signed up to Technorati today and edited the template of this blog to install the code and spiders that provide this additional service. You can see it on the sidebar on the rights below the links section.

Technorati does not just cover blogs but also does videos, music, movies, games, DVDs and news. I scrolled down this popular listing of videos tonight and found a link for the video of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes car crash in which this lady dies in this video taped crash. The full story of the singer's death in 2002 and the broadcast of this footage by the television channel VH1 can be found on the Washington Post website...

The wreck clip was included with her family's consent, and director Lauren Lazin ("Tupac: Resurrection") says that after viewing more than 200 hours of raw footage she was convinced that Lopes would have wanted it that way.

Another sad death saved on the internet for future generations to view and be aware of the dangers of driving on our roads. You only get one chance to get things right when driving a motor vehicle. As this video shows things can happen very quickly indeed and you cannot have the benefit of hindsight. I hope that showing this video on the likes of You Tube brings some motorists to their senses, the public highway is not another Playstation game where you can restart easily when you crash.
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