Thursday, May 10, 2007

A new provider on the blogging scene.

Here am I in the UK very happy with blogging and many in society today question the value of blogging. Some people think that blogging is a passing phase and will die out. There are an awful lot of discontinued blogs out there, which is a shame.

I am happy using Blogger the provider of this blog. Today the Daily Telegraph newspaper has launched it's own blogging service. The site is called My Telegraph and is a feature packed portal for blogging.

The Telegraph appears to be trying to develop a social networking site with the accent on getting bloggers to form soft self selecting groups. I will continue with Blogger because I like it's relative independence but I shall lurk around the Telegraph site purely to see how it develops. I think the site owners have a lot of control over the users and they could exercise a lot of moderation. This censorship would be unwelcome as I believe the viewer should be allowed to choose what material is suitable for them to view in the comfort of their own home.

The My Telegraph site is very professionaly designed and a lot of thought has gone into it's useability. It should get an award purely for ease of use.
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