Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Not the chill-out zone.

I saw the back of a coach in London the other day. It was liveried with a cartoon style advert featuring a tag line of the chill-out zone. The operator was City of Oxford Motor Services, trading as Oxford Bus and the graphics showed a female cartoon character sat alone on a double seat with her legs fully stretched out infront of her.

This is poetic licence and the reality is very different from this cartoon. A coach can never be a chill-out zone, far from it.

In the real world every passenger must wear a seat belt whilst seated. This is the law and is not just best-practice. This cartoon passenger is clearly not wearing a seat belt.

Legroom is very limited on coaches and I have never seen a coach where the passenger can fully stretch their legs out infront of them.

This cartoon character is sitting on a double seat alone, very nice but in reality with real passenger loadings, is very rare. The reality is that she will be sat next to a complete stranger who may be male, obese or suffering from body odour. Not your ideal travelling partner especially when his dimensions encroach into your personal space with your clothing rubbing cheek to cheek.

This advertisement is clearly unrepresentative no matter how much the operator tries to talk the service upwards.
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