Friday, May 11, 2007

Tony Blair makes the newspapers.

What a disappointment today in The Independent newspaper. 20 whole pages devoted to Tony Blair's decision to stand down as Prime Minister and leader of the Labour Party here in the UK. Big deal, man resigns from a job and the editor wastes 20 whole pages on the story. This story has rumbled on for months and has bored most newspaper readers. I could not care less whether Tony Blair stood down from his job yesterday, today, in the future or never. He was elected as a representative for Sedgefield and as a leader of the Labour Party. That is the way our democracy works and I feel he should have stayed in his job until he either lost his parliamentary seat or was deselected as party leader. I did not like him as a politician or party leader and hated a lot of his policies, especially his illegal invasion of Iraq.

I enjoy reading a daily newspaper but wasting 20 whole pages on the man leaves job story is beyond me. So on Monday I will take my 70p elsewhere and buy a copy of the Daily Telegraph instead. I also prefer my newspaper to be printed in the broadsheet format rather than a compact so this change will be very easy for me to handle.

So that is an end to an eventful week, one man leaves his job and another man changes his daily newspaper. Shock, horror, don't hold the press.
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