Monday, May 28, 2007

When a government turns on it's own people.

The situation continues at the Nahr El-Bared refugee camp in Lebanon. It makes me very sad to feel that a government can turn on it's own people and shell their homes with ammunition. Many victims have left the camp but others remain. There were reports on my television that some people who tried to leave had to dodge sniper fire. If they were not being bombed by the Lebanese Army then they could be picked off by snipers inside their camp. To think that these camp dwellers have paid taxes to the Lebanese government and then have the army who they have paid for shell their homes, is awful.

There should be a peaceful solution to this mess . To order the army to attack the camp again is not the answer as these fighters are determined and prepared for a long fight to the bitter end. I hope that common sense will prevail and a negotiated settlement is reached very soon. Sending in the army to force an end to the activities of Fatah Al-Islam will only result in more avoidable deaths and injuries among the innocent civilians. Armies should only be deployed to defend a home population - never to attack it. This makes our 1980's miners' strike violent clashes with the Police seem like a sunday school picnic.

I feel for the people trapped in this situation. These people are innocent victims of fighting between very powerful groups yet their government is not helping them. America is inflaming the situation by sending more weapons and ammunition to squash these rebel forces within the Nahr El-Bared refugee camp.

Hezbollah have called for negotiations and a peaceful end to this crisis. I hope the Lebanon government listens to Hassan Nasrallah as he speaks a lot of sense and is representative of a lot of people. Fatah Al-Islam is a dedicated group and should be taken seriously. They are not naughty school boys but a dialogue has to be opened with them so that further damage will not happen.
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