Friday, June 22, 2007

Promote from within, do not bring in outsiders for the top jobs.

If today was the 1st April then I would have thought that this was surely an April Fools Joke. I was not a joke and Gordon was dreadfully serious. Gordon Brown our Prime Minister in waiting and leader of the Labour Party had offered the former Liberal Democrat leader Lord Ashdown a job in his new Cabinet. This stinks, offering a top job to a member of another political party. It really annoys me and many other people when businesses bring in new people from outside their organisations to fill top jobs. It shows that management do not value their staff and view them as second rate. I feel sorry for the other Labour MP's who have been ignored for somebody who is not even a member of their party. It also shows that Gordon must not have that many friends within the Labour Party which would make him an unpopular leader.

This proposed mix and match of Cabinet ministers from different political parties would further reduce the voters' faith in our democracy. Most voters have voted for a party to govern our country not just a local representative. To turn their vote for one political party and then have a mix and match Cabinet is in my view dishonest.
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