Thursday, July 05, 2007

The change in the weather.

Here we are into July and another British summer. It is showers followed by sunny intervals with various wind speeds. Mixed days from a weather point of view. Up and down this nation men get out of bed in the mornings and get dressed. They go about their daily lives with no problems. However, women get out of bed and dress for fashion not purpose. They then moan constantly about the weather, oh! they feel cold, they want some heating on and can feel a draught on their delicate skins.

For goodness sake women, dress sensibly in the mornings. If you only dressed properly instead of thinking you were all catwalk models then all the men of this great nation would be spared your moaning about the weather. Be an adult and dress yourselves properly, clothes protect you from the weather, that is their purpose - not just to look nice.

Why are these women so sensitive about the changes in the weather? As a rough rule of thumb I guess that most women have 3 times the ammount of clothing in their wardrobes compared to men. Dress sensibly and you will be OK, comfortable and happy - just like us men. Why should women be obsessed with exposing their arms, mid-rifts, legs and feet? If you insist on showing your skin then for the rest of mankind please stop moaning and no, you cannot have the heating on, wear a pullover.
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