Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Children and dogs in Pubs.

Not much news to comment on in the last few days but the letters page has been brightening things up quite a bit. One reader suggested that dogs should be banned from all public houses in the UK. This letter was followed by another reader who thought that dogs were OK but that children should be banned from all pubs. Then other readers waded in with their pet hates in pubs, some serious others funny.

I think that dogs should be allowed in all public houses. They are very sociable animals and add to the friendly atmosphere. At this time of year a number of dogs die when locked in cars due to the sunlight and scorching heat. If any food is spilt or dropped it does not get trodden into the carpet but scavenged by the nearest pet. Dogs are very soothing animals to have around and are good conversation ice breakers.

Children on the other hand are a nuisance in all public houses and should be banned. The age limit for buying and drinking alcohol is 18 years and pubs should be an adult environment. I do not want screaming, screeching children running around loose. Their parents do not seem to care about the chaos and mess their children create. They scatter food far and wide, spill drinks left, right and centre. They leave tables in a sticky, gooey mess and then go into the car park and scratch other cars with careless door opening. Pubs are not places for children and sensible adults do not want them there. There are places for these little rascals and their ignorant parents - the drive-in brat palaces like McDonalds, Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Give the little rotters their meal in a bucket at one of these fast food joints and keep them away from pubs were civilised adults and their well behaved dogs should be enjoying sociable food and drink.

Dogs in, children out, you know it makes sense.
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