Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Closure of St Mary Street in Cardiff

On the 6th August 2007 St Mary Street in the centre of Cardiff will be closed to all through traffic. This is a new scheme being imposed by our council and St Mary Street is not some small back street but the main A470, a primary route. It is linked to the High Street and runs from the Castle right in the heart of our city towards the Central Bus,Coach and Train Stations.

We already have the nuisance of our council closing this main city centre road at the drop of a hat. Every Friday and Saturday night it is closed to traffic so that drunkards can stagger all over the road rather than be responsible for themselves and walk along the pavements and cross the road at appropriate crossing points. Get an event at the Millennium Stadium and our council closes the city centre roads. Get a large event at the Millennium Stadium and the council even closes the Central Bus and Coach Station causing chaos to public transport passengers.

So now the council in it's nanny state wisdom has decided to close St Mary Street to all through traffic. They proudly call it an improvement by restricting vehicle movements and people's freedom.

This is a backwards move and is an unnecessary restriction on everybody. Roads should be open to all, that is what they are for and this is a main road. You cannot make a successful established city centre into a pedestrian precinct. Can you imagine the uproar if a London council tried to enforce this madness? Businesses and residents would tell the council where to go but here in South Wales there is not a whimper. At the drop of a hat city centre roads are closed and nobody can criticize the council because of it's claim of health and safety. If people are so dumb not to walk on pavements and use appropriate crossing points then that is their problem. The whole city should not be restricted and made to suffer because of a few jay walkers. People have bigger brains that sheep and we, the council tax payers, should not be treated like sheep. This is not progress, just another nuisance from our nanny state council.
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