Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The end of Sky.

I looked at what television Gail and I were watching and found that it was mostly free-to-air channels. There are loads of other TV channels on our Sky digital box that we can view for our monthly subscription of £21.00 but actually watch very little on them. We decided to cancel our subscription today with Sky because we were getting very little value from our £21.00 a month and this money was being wasted. As an ex-Sky subscriber we get to keep their digital box and use it to view their free-to-air channels through their satellite system. This is the same as if you paid £150 for their Freesat which provides the same service as we will have from the 9th August 2007.

There is a lot of churn from television viewers in the UK because of the tremendous success of Freeview . These set-top boxes have come down in price big time to as little as £20 in some supermarkets. Every month viewers are ditching their television subscriptions to Sky and the cable companies because of the good range of free-to-air channels being broadcast. The quality of these channels is far greater than the repeats and American imports that you pay for as a Sky customer.
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