Saturday, July 07, 2007

Extremists working in the UK

Plenty of newspaper coverage this past week along the lines of extremists working in the UK. First we have speculation about NHS workers being terrorists in their spare time and shock, horror how can this happen due to pre-employment checks. Today we read about the possibility of extremists working for the Police service with the same noises about pre-employment checks. A long time ago there were reports of suspected terrorists working for London Underground. Why should questions be asked of employers and this guilt be put on them?

People should be taken onto employment due to their suitability to do a job. Whatever other interests they hold or do in their spare time should not come into the recruitment service. What people do outside of work is down to them, not their employers. People can also start employment and then later take up leisure interests that may surprise people. This is not a problem and should never become one. Maybe a new employee starts a job which he does well but later decides to convert to Islam. His new found religious beliefs should not lead to his dismissal just to be one the safe side.

Who knows what employees do in their spare time? Employers should not be made scapegoats for their employees' leisure interests.
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