Friday, July 27, 2007

Heroes on BBC2.

I have watched the much hyped Heroes on BBC2 television. I do not like it, I thought it was very poor and it failed my 15 minute test. Why the BBC commissioning editors bought this programme is beyond me. Some viewers like to fantasize and this story is complete fantasy. It should insult the viewers intelligence but at least it keeps them safe at home as they should not be allowed out on their own if they find this programme entertaining.

What programme will the BBC buy from the Americans next? "Fairies at the bottom of the garden" featuring a Christian family who witness miracles on every episode I expect.
You, sir, are an idiot.
Oh Victor, tastes vary not just with television but with attractiveness of women. I clearly do not like Heroes and your heart throb Hayden Panettiere does nothing for me either.

Still you pay your TV licence fee and I am glad that some viewers and critics like the programme so that the BBC has not totally wasted their budget.

Thank you for your comments and only idiots would delete negative postings. Enjoy the rest of the series but I will not watch another episode.
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