Saturday, July 14, 2007

The joy of booking another holiday.

The weeks roll by and my day job ticks along nicely. Dog walks are quite routine and pub lunches are what you expect from them. The internet continues to be a consistent joy as the information flows around the world wide web. Television viewing continues to entertain Gail and I in our lovely home. Life just bumbles along quite nicely thank you.

However, there is a little sparkle in our eye. Something far from our usual routines. A light at the end of the tunnel, a distant goal calling us from afar. The light that shines from Hammamet in Tunisia.

We have booked our next holiday in December 2007. This brings us such joy, to have a hotel booked to a foreign destination. We can look forward to this break from our usual routines. Having this booking under our belts gives us such a boast, the joy of knowing when and where we shall be going. We look forward to sampling once again the foreign sights, sounds and smells. We know that there is more to life than going backwards and forwards to work in the slow road to retirement. Life is to be enjoyed and when you have a party coming up it gives you a spring in your step. Booking well in advance means that we can have a workable dream for longer, knowing how long it is before we fly away. A booking to fly away and live like a king for a week in the winter sun of Tunisia. I can hear the beaches calling me now.
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