Sunday, July 22, 2007

Old Speckled Hen , I miss you.

While I was at work yesterday Gail had some visitors to our home. In came her eldest son Jayme Parsons with his wife Jenny and their daughters Kelly, Georgia and Lauren. They were here for less than 2 hours and had a meal. It took Gail another hour after they left to clear up the mess.

I enjoy a drink of real ale and I had a bottle of one of my favourites, an Old Speckled Hen, tucked away neatly in the far corner of our dining room. Smash went the bottle as the visitors stormed around our dining room. A quality real ale spilt over my carpet, what a waste of good beer. This was only the start of the mess as the next casualty were our dining chair seat cushions. Rather than eat their dinners from plate to mouth the food was scattered all around the room. Food sat there on the cushions were it dropped and the table become a gooey mess awash with the dinner that Gail had cooked just for them.

This family from Port Talbot like to take holidays their at Butlins. I can imagine what mess and chaos they cause whilst on holiday. But nobody can say anything because Kelly, Georgia and Lauren are special, little princesses who at all cost must be spared any negative comments. You are not allowed to criticize these badly behaved children and are just supposed to tolerate the mess they create. Watch out because the family from hell make be coming to a holiday park near you.
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