Thursday, July 26, 2007

Terrorist threat to airport passengers.

Front page of my newspaper today is the headline "Terrorist threat to airport passengers". The story goes on...

Airline passengers are in danger of being turned into potential terrorist targets by the new security regime at airports, MPs warn today. Lengthy queues at check-in desks and in departure halls are vulnerable to a bomb attack - presenting a "significant security threat".

...Well tell me something new, my alarm bells started ringing when the 7/7 London bombings went off. I did a simple risk assessment in my day job and it was obvious to me that all waiting areas in bus, coach and train stations as well as airports were vulnerable to attack. I am aware of the risk and I have to live with it everyday I go to work. I will always give the queue of intending passengers a glance before I open the door of my coach. The thought of queueing passengers waiting like lambs to the slaughter gives me the creeps but this is the world we now live in. It is a world that Londoners accept every day as they travel to work. I doubt if commuters going to work by public transport here in Cardiff give the possibility a thought and I personally give Cardiff Central Station a very low risk of attack from suicide bombers. However, Digbeth Coach Station in Birmingham and Victoria Coach Station in London are in a different league and I fear that one day a suicide bomber may strike in the passenger waiting areas. There is no way to prevent this tragedy, wherever you allow public access there will always be a risk. There is no way around this problem and as with airports wherever you increase security you only move the risk to other areas.
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