Friday, July 13, 2007

Their time in court.

The 21/7 failed London bombings trial has finished and these criminals have been sentenced to 40 years in prison. It was a long trial with a lot of media coverage both here in the UK and around the world. Dominic Lawson in his column today writes about...

"The strange thing about the bombers was how passive they were in court.
Throughout the trial, the would-be mass murderers behaved exactly as common criminals do.

Throughout the course of the trial Ibrahim, and three of his co-defendants who were also given 40-year sentences, claimed that they were not suicide bombers at all, that the reason why their chemical devices had failed to ignite was that they were not meant to: it was all a hoax.

So why was it that none of the defendants declared to the Court that they did not recognise its authority? Woolwich Crown Court is not exactly run according to Sharia law. More to the point, why did none of the defendants simply argue that what they planned was just, in accordance with their religious conscience, and that they therefore had no regrets? Given the public nature of the trial, with reporters present throughout, this would seem to have been a glorious opportunity for some peak-time jihadist propaganda.

The intellectual leader - if one can so describe him - of al-Qa'ida, Ayman al-Zawahiri, did not miss such an opportunity when he was in a Cairo courtroom charged with involvement in the assassination of Anwar Sadat. He declared to the court: "We want to speak to the whole world! We are not sorry, we are not sorry for what we have done for our religion, and we have sacrificed and we stand ready to make more sacrifices!" Al-Zawahiri's tirade had a galvanising effect on his followers, and tapes of it still continue to do so."

...Dominic Lawson has written a very good column today and he has given me cause for thought. You can read the whole article by clicking the link above, I am not going to plaglarise it.

These failed bombers had their reasons and must surely have known that with the evidence available they would be sentenced for a long time. They had their opportunity to wave the flag of jihad in open court with global reporting to gain some credit for their failure. If their bombs had exploded as intended then their lives would have been lost, the sacrifice would have been made. They had decided to become suicide bombers so the length of their prison sentence should make no difference to them as they had chosen to die on 21/7. Therefore they would have nothing more to loose by having their day in court, waving the flag of jihad and becoming role models for other Islamists. They could then have the fame in prison of being jailed political activists rather than low intelligence criminals acting on their own.

Some people may think that the 21/7 bombers were highly principled and motivated individuals who were prepared to martyr themselves for the good of a greater cause. However, this claim did not clearly stand up in court and shows us that they were just simple criminals. Simple criminals with simple minds that were brainwashed by Islam.

All around the world Islam recruits the low intelligence individuals, the village idiots, the educationally sub-normal to become suicide bombers, the cannon fodder of jihad. Although sometimes you have the opposite of this and highly intelligent individuals like the NHS doctors become suicide bombers. However, you will notice that in places like America where strange religious cults prosper, they quite often attract the really intelligent to believe in their vision where the average man-in-the-street keeps well clear of these nutcases.

Oh, the power of religion just shows that not all the nutters are in the asylum.
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