Sunday, July 01, 2007

What is it with skin colour?

Everybody has skin, it covers our bodies and stops us from falling apart. The colour of a person's skin should make no difference to their lives. The person is beneath their skin and the colour of their skin should be as arbitrary as the colour of their underwear. However some people are not happy with their skin colour which is rather sad. Some pale skinned people spend a lot of time and money on tanning studios and some darker skinned people spend a lot of time and money on skin lightening creams. Skin lightening creams have become quite popular in India which I find rather sad. The time and money people are wasting is beyond me and I think the use of these creams may have physical as well as mental health risks.

I wish that people would enjoy their lives and not be concerned with their and other peoples' skin colour. No skin tone can possibly be better than another and people who are affected by these differences are showing some disgusting morals. These people should lighten up, not their skin but their attitudes and prejudices. There was one funny quote from this story however...

"My maid has been using Fair and Lovely for years and I still can't see her in the dark," said Anuradha Kapoor, owner of a public relations firm. "But she goes on using it. Hope springs eternal, I suppose."
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