Friday, August 31, 2007

Flag burning season to start again.

Here we go again as another Swedish artist is upsetting Muslims across the world with his cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed. Lars Vilks has done a number of cartoons featuring the Prophet Muhammed as a dog like this one on his blog . He has drawn other cartoons featuring the Prophet Muhammed as a dog and even one showing the Prophet Muhammed playing football .

Fears grew of a new confrontation over images deemed blasphemous by Muslims as Pakistan joined Iran in protest at these cartoons. However, art is art and you should be able to take it or leave it. Artists must be free to work and not be censored by religious groups. Freedom of expression must be upheld throughout the world and Muslims are doing themselves no favours by objecting to an artist's work. People must be allowed to view whatever images they wish and Muslims should lighten up a lot.

There should be humour about all aspects of life and that includes religion. If you cannot laugh at your own religious beliefs then you must be shallow in your convictions and very easily offended. Life is to be enjoyed and celebrated, Muslims should be able to join in and see the lighter side of life. Lose the chip on your shoulder, everyone is not out to get you and you should be able to have a laugh like the rest of us.
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