Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Judicial caning in Malaysia.

Here in the UK we have a justice system that can be rather liberal. Anti-social behaviour orders, suspended sentences and other punishments that quite often do not fit the crime. Common criminals are often let off lightly. The video below has caused some controversy world-wide and some people may consider this punishment barbaric.

When you read week after week the lenient punishments given to our common criminals we can make a case for judicial caning here in the UK. We could have a trial period in pilot areas where this scheme could operate under an agreed tariff. One lash of the cane across the naked buttocks of the offender could equal the fixed penalty fine of £60. Therefore a speeding motorist would have one lash but a shoplifter stealing £300 worth of goods would be given 5 lashes from the cane. We must have sex equality and treat both sexes the same under this trial. New Labour, new punishments, it even has a slogan and is sure to win votes. Imagine those shell suit wearing female shoplifters getting a big surprise when their polyester pants are pulled down and the cane is lashed against their expectant naked buttocks. Councils could gain revenue by selling tickets so that council tax payers could see justice being done rather than the lenient punishments we read about in our newspapers. Now watch the video and make up your own mind, I think it is worth a trial here in the UK.

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