Monday, August 13, 2007

Modern day lemmings.

Some people are just so stupid in their search for thrills. This new craze for tombstoning is plain stupid as this man who jumped at Durdle Door in Dorset demonstrated. Had other people on the beach not came to his rescue then he would have clearly died. His friends were of no use as his companions, two other men and a woman, grabbed his belongings and fled when they saw him land badly.

These modern day lemmings are stupid, it is obvious the risks involved and anyone jumping into water from these heights is a fool. This Playstation generation think that they are super heroes and whatever you can do in a video game can be done in the real world. What fools they are and would their loss to society be much considering their lack of reasoning. A fool and their money are easily parted is an old saying. A more up to date saying would be a tombstoner and their lives are easily parted. Forget the flash video games and live in the real world, people cannot fly - that is the job of birds and birds alone.
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