Wednesday, August 01, 2007

People must take responsibility for their own actions.

I believe that people must take responsibility for their own actions. Anything that you do that goes wrong is your own fault. We should not blame other people for our own mistakes. This applies to children as much as it does to adults. When children play they will from time to time catch the odd knock. This is part of childhood and growing up. Children quickly learn that they cannot fly like a bird or act like a comic strip hero. We they climb trees there will be times when they fall. When they run on steps there will be times when they fall over. These little cuts and grazes are part of childhood and children should not be wrapped up in cotton wool in case they get a scratch. If a child falls over it is their fault and they should put it down to experience.

This common sense however was lost on 11 jury members when they found a head teacher guilty for the death of a 3 year old child who fell over. The teacher was not there when Kian Williams wandered into the out-of-bounds area of the school in Bangor, Gwynedd, and jumped down the steps, tripping on the last one and landing on his head. He suffered swelling of the brain and died in hospital from pneumonia five weeks later. James Porter, 66, the owner and head of the private school where it happened, was charged with breaching health and safety regulations by failing to ensure the children’s safety. A jury convicted him after five and a half hours of deliberation on a majority of 11-1.

Kian’s family have also launched a civil action against him and the school. An inquest into his death recorded a verdict of accidental death.

What was up with this jury? Have they no concept of common sense? Children fall over every day and there is no need for a scapegoat. It is very sad that Kian died but accidents will happen. Child mortality is nothing nowadays to what it was years ago here in the UK and is now in developing countries. Justice has not been done and the head teacher has been let down buy this jury. Had this accident happened at a supermarket I suppose Kian's family would be looking for the scalp of the supermarket manager. Had this accident happened in a park his family would probably want to sue the Park Warden. Sad though Kian's death is I think his family's legal actions are vindictive and motivated by greed for compensation. I hope for justice and common sense that this family are not successful in their civil actions against this head teacher and his school.

I also hope that the 11 jury members who returned this verdict eventually see the folly of their judgement.
What a stupid and callous man he is.Kian was three years old when he fell.His parents had trusted the kindergarten part of the school with him,and the they let him out breaktime with a supervision rate of one teacher to 59 children.This was a private school and as such they expected better.If he is going to take the time to leave coments he should at least know what he's talking about.I find his coments highly offensive.How would he feel if he left his three year old baby with his playschool and that same organisation failed to supervise him,then let him get on a dangerous flight of steps that should have been gated off where he fell never to regain conciousness?I know this case inside out and so did the jury.How does this man know better than all of us?This was an accident,but a preventable one.I bet he's English as well!
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