Thursday, September 27, 2007

The end of the company tie.

The age of the tie to work is on its way out, figures show. Just 40 per cent of big companies insist on formal dress in the office, a survey found. Smart casual dress, which includes a shirt but no tie, trousers not jeans and loafers but not trainers, is acceptable in more than half of firms.

...Thank goodness for this, clothing should be practical at work and fit for purpose. A company tie does nothing, it just hangs from the employee's collar. A company uniform is a great idea as it presents a unified company image. Smart casual is the way forward for companies to go. Clothes that look the business and are not cheap looking. Workplace clothing should reflect society in a quality casual way. The clothes should not make the employees look like refugees but casual yet smartly dressed, approachable people. The company tie should be confined to the wardrobe of history along with the cravat .
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