Monday, September 10, 2007

The evidence against Gerry and Kate McCann .

Much has been written about the ongoing case concerning Madeleine McCann, her parents return to the UK and the evidence against her parents. A lot of people put tremendous faith in DNA evidence and think it is the way to solve everything.

I think that Gerry and Kate McCann were right to return to the UK. They can do no more in Portugal and now it is time for them to move on. They should draw a line under this sorry story and return to work.

I think that the DNA evidence is far too overstated. I do not have trust in the process and think the evidence is extremely weak and easily explained away. We all shed DNA around and I suppose it can also be blown about in the wind. The case for cross contamination is extremely strong. Allan Scott, a lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire's School of Forensic and Investigative Sciences, said cross-contamination needed to be considered. He said "secondary transfer" of Madeleine's DNA may have occurred and that DNA is "so sensitive" that if two people met in the street and shook hands and then one committed a crime, they could possibly leave the other person's DNA at the scene.

There are more doubts as at least one report, claimed the samples fell short of the minimum of 20 points of correspondence - genetic markers - between the material and Madeleine's DNA, which would conclusively suggest an identification. Anything short of that would be a "partial" investigation.

Alan Baker, of the leading independent forensic science organisation, Bericon, said that experts had to guard against the possibility that DNA traces from Madeleine's parents and siblings, who would share many identical points, could give such a partial ID.

It remained unclear whether the evidence involved traces of blood, bodily fluids which may contain traces of blood, or traces of human material, such as skin, hair or saliva. Mr Baker said: "It is important to find out whether they were traces from swabs, or specks of blood. If you have specks of Madeleine's blood in the car, it is potentially explainable but also potentially more incriminating than a swab."

I do not think that the McCanns were responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine although the Portuguese Police must surely want to loose this case as it's investigation has cost far too much money with no result likely. I think this case was the execution of the perfect crime and it will never be solved.

I think it is time to draw a line below this story and newspaper editors should move on to other more interesting stories as this one has clearly run it's time.
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