Saturday, September 29, 2007

Just-in-time socialising.

I agree with Deborah Orr in her column today...

One of the many dubious gifts that our mobile phones have awarded us is the advent of just-in-time socialising, the phenomenon whereby no one seems to care about being punctual any more, because they can just text you saying that they're about to leave the house and could you order them a vodka and tonic.

...I overhear a lot of mobile phone telephone calls in my day job. It amazes me just how fluid people are with their social arrangements. All meetings are done to the wire with the constant asking of "where are you now?". Can nobody arrange to meet somewhere at a given time? People have become so sloppy and unpunctual. If you were the same with your employment, then you would be sacked. Friends however seem to accept this casual ring, ring, I am coming now scenario without question. It shows that your friendships are similar to dog owning, you whistle and your favourite pet comes running. This is not the correct basis for adult relationships.
Many people feel that their acne is overly embarrassing and unmanageable. I have read story after story of heartache, especially from teens that endure heartless bullying from schoolmates. There are so many different remedies and medications. What most people fail to realise is that each individual has a different biological makeup and what works for one person may not work for everyone. In some cases certain acne treatment can adversely affect already irritated skin. This further causes unnecessary embarrassment and frustration to an already uncomfortable situation.
Propaganda fuels misconceptions about different so-called remedies and even causes. The idea that chocolate and oily food causes acne. When in truth, makeup, unhealthy skin and even perspiration can cause acne.
All of these factors affect the skin. But even your skin makeup can affect your skin and create back acne, scalp acne, large assesses or ingrown hair. There is an acne questionnaire done by a company called Skinmed that will help to diagnose acne problems through a series of questions, and then it n recommends the best acne treatment for each individual.
Teen acne is typically the most difficult to diagnose because of hormonal considerations, but there is a special area meant just for teen acne that has a completely different set of rules when running the formula that determines the best medications or acne treatments. In some cases simple changes in hygiene and daily washing is all that it takes.
The site also has a free acne treatment offer on acne facial cleanser that is made up of a three step process. The primary reason most teens, especially boys tend to have more problems with chronic acne is because of a lack of simply washing their face regularly. So this treatment is free is a way to create a healthy daily routine, while gently healing the skin to prevent acne scarr
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